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Our Story


"We are creating a paradigm for science and research that doesn't need a diversity statement to cover up for a lack of diversity."

Our Mission

To bring global recognition to the achievements of underrepresented students of science. Together we invest in their lives and provide extraordinary global opportunities and resources to empower them to make their mark on the future landscape of global science.

Our Values


The Shackleton Research Trust believes in creating inspiring environments for students and scientists to learn about specific regions, their global environmental impact, and the intricacies and requirements of an excursion while supporting their research careers.


The Shackleton Research Trust is committed to providing an atmosphere of opportunity for all underrepresented students of science from around the world to participate in research and academic pursuits.


Inspired by Sir Ernest Shackleton’s legacy, we offer an environment that challenges and instills the skills necessary in students and scientists to inspire and grow as leaders in both their careers and personal lives.


One of the most effective methods of learning is by doing (Malone, 1981). Shackleton’s thirst and curiosity for adventure was one of the driving forces behind his determination. SRT motivates by creating an opportunity for fun and challenging activities through pragmatic approaches for students to train in the sciences, teamwork, leadership, and discipline among many others.

Our Founding Duo

The Shackleton Research Trust is a bold new kind of scholarship program that provides underrepresented students of science the opportunity to achieve recognition by including their unique perspectives in the global scientific landscape. This is accomplished by the Trust funding scientific expeditions where recipients gain hands-on experience in the field who would normally never have these opportunities for study and advancement.

Founders Charlton Shackleton and Dr. Dyhia Belhabib, both coming from different backgrounds, understand that diversity of perspective is vital to the objective exploration of science. After spending his youth in an international all male boarding school, Charlton Shackleton realized soon after that the world isn't nearly as integrated as he witnessed in school. Where Dr. Belhabib experienced the same lack of diversity as a Muslim woman from Algeria forging a career in the world of male-dominant secular sciences. Together they want to create a new paradigm for science and research, one that is inclusive and doesn't need a diversity statement to cover up for a lack of diversity.

By joining The Shackleton Research Trust you can be a part of this new paradigm which focuses on expanding accessibility to science and research to all corners of the globe. As Charlton and Dyhia learned, diversity is the gateway to broadening scientific perspective and the only way to increase that diversity is to change who is doing the research.

The Faces Of Our Founding Duo


Dr. Dyhia Belhabib

Chief Scientific Officer

  • Dr. Dyhia Belhabib

Charlton Shackleton

Executive Director

  • Charlton Shackleton
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