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Summer 2022 Themes

Anthropologically Speaking

Religion and science have been perceived as conflicting among academics and theologians, questioning the validity of advocates who practice both, and the obstacles that their religion may pose to scientific research. With the emergence of the interdisciplinary study of “theology and science”, and whether you practice a religion or not, we invite you to submit and share your experiences with religion in your field of study.

This Coast is Our Coast

The effects of rapidly increasing coastal infrastructure and activities such as mining and industrial agriculture are constantly threatening local communities and marine wildlife alike. Moreover, various global organizations are advocating for inclusive conservation practices as a means for accommodating not only different perspectives for coastal management, but preserving the rights of indigenous people over their own land. With this in mind, what has been your experience in your field of study when interacting with coastal regions and their surrounding communities?

I Am Not Poor
In this Edition, we explore the notion of poverty and how a rigid definition tends to have drastic consequences on the lives of people. Should poverty be defined as a threshold of income? Is it a function of status? A matter of human welfare? We invite the globetrotters amongst you to define richness and poverty based on your experiences.

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